Liberty Scores
Paul CastoF57.14%F50.00%F54.55%F40.00%F50.00%F42.86%49.09%
Phil ChesterF57.14%F50.00%F54.55%F40.00%F50.00%F42.86%49.09%
Mary CoburnF57.14%F50.00%F54.55%F50.00%F50.00%F57.14%53.14%
Michael JarmanF57.14%F50.00%F54.55%F40.00%F50.00%N/AN/A50.34%
Mark SheldonF57.14%F50.00%F54.55%F40.00%F50.00%F42.86%49.09%
It is a goal of the Libertarian Party of Bay County (LPBC) to hold our elected officials accountable to our members and all citizens of Bay County, FL.  As part of this goal, we have created a system to grade representatives on their actual votes as they pertain to liberty values and principles, dubbed the “Liberty Score”.  These grades are evaluated on a simple pass or fail on a vote by vote basis, with “pass” signifying the vote was consistent with how the LPBC would have preferred and a “fail” being the opposite.  The votes are tallied up and a percentage is given out of the total votes: 90-100% = A, 80-89.9% = B, 70-79.9% = C, 60-69.9% = D, and 0-59.9% = F.  Abstentions will not be evaluated and votes on issues that are not considered to be either pro or anti liberty values/principles (liberty neutral) will be scored as a “pass” vote.  

We will provide summaries for our evaluations as to why we believe each vote should be considered pro, anti, or liberty neutral.  If you believe any of our evaluations are incorrect or if you would like a more detailed reasoning, please reach out at or message us on Facebook.

Due to limited resources, we will begin our scoring with the City of Panama City Beach City Council beginning in January 2023, but we hope to expand in the future to all municipalities in Bay County, FL.  Scores will be posted monthly and annually, but we would be happy to provide at any time upon request.  If you’d like to help with our evaluations, please reach out to or message us on Facebook.

Link to review score evaluations:

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