June Meeting Minutes

Libertarian Party of Bay County

Monthly Business Meeting

June 16, 2022

Little Village

2808 W 12th St, Panama City, FL 32401

  1. Introduction and call to Order – R. J. Ferguson

Mr. Ferguson called the meeting to order at 7:11PM.

  1. Quorum Call – R. J. Feguson

Mr. Leistner took roll call, all officers were present, Mr. Ferguson declared that quorum
was met. 

  1. Approval of Previous Minutes – R. J. Ferguson

Mr. Ferguson presented the previous meeting minutes and asked for discussion.  Without any comments Mr. Ferguson moved to approve the May meeting minutes as written, Mr. Caisse seconded.  No objections, motion passed.

  1. Officer Reports – 

Treasurer – Mr. Leistner presented the financials for the month ended May 31, 2022 and noted the affiliate is financially healthy with a bank balance of $2,079.90.  No questions raised.

  1. Old Business – 

Future Events – 

Lynn Haven 4th of July meeting location and time set at Mr. Scray’s home in Lynn Haven at 6:00AM on the 4th.  Several volunteers were signed up to work the vendor table.  

The Bay County Fairgrounds Gun Show on August 20 & 21 was brought up.  Mrs. Morris suggested a motion be put forward to go ahead and sign up for a vendor table due to turnaround time being limited if we moved it to the July meeting.  Volunteer requests were taken to work it if passed.  Mr. Leistner moved to approve $90.00 for the purchase of a vendor spot at the upcoming gun show at the Bay County Fairgrounds on August 20 & 21, 2022, Mr. Ferguson seconded. No objections, motion passed.

Bowling event with Anthony Welti was discussed; this will be run by the Libertarian Party of Florida with the assistance of the LPBC.  Mrs. Ferguson is going to reach out to contacts she has at Bowlarama to see about reserving lanes and getting a discount on food/drinks and to set a date.  Looking to host August 24th or 25th.

Adopt-A-Highway Q3 date was set as September 11th, at 9:11AM, Mr. Ferguson suggested we start the day with a one minute moment of silence for those who died in the attack.

Cornhole tournament was passed to be discussed next month.

Mr. Ferguson brought up that we need to host a range day at the Morris’ property.  Mr. Morris suggested later in the year when it cools off would be the best time.  

Future Guest Speakers – 

Mrs. Frances Gordon, candidate for Bay County School Board, was brought up and the body agreed she would be the best option for July since her race is fast approaching.  Patrick moved to host the July meeting at the Rib Crib in Callaway, FL, Mr. Ferguson seconded.  No objections, motion passed.

Social Media platforms – 

Volunteers were requested to help run the social media for LPBC.

  1. New Business:

Motion 104: To approve Ryan Scray as the Libertarian Party of Bay County Secretary. Mr. Leistner moved to approve Mr. Scray, Mr. Ferguson Seconded. No objections, motion passed.

  1. Announcements: 

Mr. Scray mentioned he is organizing a candidate forum on July 14th at the Lynn Haven Senior Center and tickets are free.  

Mr. Caisse contributed $20.00 to the LPBC for our efforts.

  1. Adjournment: 

Mr. Scray moved to adjourn the meeting, Mr. Ferguson seconded. No objections, motion passed.

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