Meeting Agenda – April


LP Bay County – Monthly Business Meeting

Thursday, April 21, 2022

6:00 PM Central

Roll Call and Introduction of Guests:

1Joey Ferguson, Chair
2Richard Caisse, Vice Chair
3Patrick Leistner, Treasurer

Approval of Previous Minutes :

Guest Presentation: N/A

Officer Reports – 

Old Business (Business from prior meeting to follow up on)  

  • LPBC Website (Patrick Leistner)
    • Website is currently undergoing an update, many new features are already up
  • Postcards for new members 
    • Purchased & delivered – 30 sent out to members who have registered since January 2021.
  • Future events
    • Gun shows 
    • Bar Crawl – St. Andrew’s/downtown? 
    • Next Adopt-A-Highway cleanup (June 4, 2022)
    • Any other community events we could be a vendor at?
  • Future guest speakers
    • Luis Valdes (GOA) – emailed but no response
    • Others?
  • Social media platforms
    • Discuss bringing on a “Communications Director” to take website & social media responsibilities off of the Secretary position?
    • Discord up and running (Joey, Patrick, Richard all already on it)
    • Looking for volunteers to run new platforms (twitter/gettr/gab/minds/etc)

New Business (Business to be voted on)

  • N/A

Announcements- General announcements for all members


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